Google play service has block rooted android devices

Let start from this rooting your phone gives the user full control to access some extra features and claim full ownership of their phones .But now google play service has block rooted android devices. Do not worry everything has been made easy Google latest android version will come with all features you need.

Google play console as updated devices during google IO 2017, include a Safety net toggle.

Safety Net Attentions checks for the following Device status markers

1.Sings of other active attacks,such as API hooking

2.Certified genuine device that passes CTS

3.Device with custom ROM (not rooted)

4.No device (protocol emulator script)

5.Certified device with unlocked bootloader

6.Signs of system integrity compromise,such as rooting


8.Genuine but un-certified device,such as when the manufacturer dose not apply for certification

Note:if any android device is rooted or emulator has an unlocked bootloader.It will automatically fail the integrity test. And you will not be able to access some app from playstore.

So what do you thick about this?

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