Facebook is coming out with a new features called 'Latest Conversation'

Check out Facebook new feature it is called “Latest Conversations” this will show you the most recent public posts about timely topics that a lot of people across its network are discussing. This will show you a view about what people are saying about a new story or other subject by exposing you to sentiments being expressed outside your social circle.

When you search of a news topic, Facebook will display public user generated posts from users outside your own personal network, along with a live ticker estimating the number of people engaging with the topic.

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed that the new feature is more than just one of the many A/B tests that crop up from time to time on the network.

"We're rolling out a new section in search results that will show the most recent public posts about timely topics that a lot of people are discussing on Facebook,"

While the feature feels more experimental, Facebook confirmed that it’s rolling out to users now. We’re currently seeing it in Facebook’s mobile app, but not on the web.

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